Ive had coinbase for years,however have had an issue recently and seems there customer service is non exisistant,havent gotten a response from multiple requests in a month or more.

Β Does anyone have a good suggestion where to move to?

Thanks for your time and DD will def...put this on the researchπŸ‘ list.
single dad raised 3 boys...our man cave had every system you could think of I built all our own pc's when they started pc gameing...also bought in NVDA,AMD,TTWO,HIMX,OLED....shortly after thinking home pc gameing going to be big...with them and all there friends playing online,they made me build a server so they could host...lol...I never looked back still holding all of them have taken my begining invewstments back....and the boys will get the rest when i die....im long on all those..lol
I use coinbase but 303$ is alittle to rich for my blood