Just a regular guy hoping to make a little dough.

When to sell at a loss?

I got a couple of Stocks $EXPR, $NOK I brought early on when I first started. I got on the reddit $EXPR at 9 a share its 2.32 now so its a big loss for me. $NOK I think might have a upside long term. But when do you know when to cut your losses. Thanks for any advice. BTW this is a great site and I want to say thank you to Mitch and Caleb and the rest of the OG's that help everyone in here.Β 
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$OCGN Thoughts

Thought this was a good buy did my DD on it, and I read good stuff about it. Anyone have any advice on it,Β  keeps going down.Β 


How do you withdrawalΒ  your money in Coinbase? i haven't bought anything yet but found a better platform.

Weed stock

Any advice would be great. I think IΒ  got to much weed stock: APHA, OGI,TLRY SNDL and CGC. I have the most money in CGC got it early. And got TLRY to high (Redditt got me). Which ones should I keep and which one should I sell?
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About to pull dogecoin out of RH looking for a another place to buy it. Been searching but all the reviews are bad so far any one have ones they like. I'm in the US and in Texas.Β 
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Weed and Movies

We needΒ  weed to raise today. MY best solution is for AMC to start selling weed and let people smoke it in the theaters. LOLΒ 
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Made profit on $SNDL then IΒ  BoughtΒ  it at the dip I thought but now its going down any thoughts on it.Β 
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Maybe this might be the next weeds tock to grow been hearing some good thigs about it. Any thoughts on it?
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Pray for a better day

Got into stocks about 6 months ago made a decent penny on them but went heavy on Weedstocks. I play Holdem (Poker) yesterday felt like my AA being cracked on a huge pot. (no pun intended)