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$SOS Crypto Block Chain Technology

SOS is legit.
Its been beat up by shorts for months now.

I'm just going to drop this here.
Sos Ltd 2020 Annual/Transition Report 20-F (

Plenty of good DD already out there, reddit, discord, google, facebook, twitter, yahoo just look for yourself. It's a rabbit hole of reading.

SOS is projected to create roughly 3.5 BTC and 63 ETH every day.

This shareholder does a good job of putting a lot of DD and resources together on his site, worth a look.


Cutler Group LP Buys 53,097 Shares of $SOS Limited

Simplex Trading LLC Buys 25,974 Shares of $SOS Limited

GWM Advisors LLC Buys 47,000 Shares of $SOS Limited

Citibank acted as depositary for $SOS & Maxim Capital

IMHO this is a retailers dream, not often a little guy can get in at these prices, Thank You Nathan Anderson and your team of turds. 💩

I jumped in at high 6's a few months back, It's been one hell of a ride so far. It's crypto related and very volatile, I love it!

I've averaged down to low 4's and sitting on a mountain of shares.
I have plans of retiring from work in late 2023, by retire I mean possibly still having to work part-time somewhere. SOS just may change that.

The day I wrote this SOS closed at 4.27 and its all green for me. 😎

I've been waiting to post this for sometime, felt now would be a good time.

Always do your own DD, for this is not financial advice no more then I'm a financial advisor.
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Just curious, its really none of my business. I'm a free user here and joined on my own.

How is this site going to handle indexing(robots.txt) from search engines?
Will the site be fully indexed or just sections with content hidden.

Got to thinking about how posts, screenshots, users, etc. could be used as intel.

Mindfulness from here on for me, something we all should think about maybe?

Content is king and words make the search world go round.

Free options sessions from Fidelity

Might sit in on this if I can, posted to maybe help others.
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You know exactly what this is as soon as you see the logo.

Top 3 most iconic brands? Well, Playboy is one of them!
$3 billion annual sales.

Feb 11, 2021
PLBY came back on the market for the first time since 2011.

Playboy products, from clothing to ashtrays to condoms. Operate everything from a Playboy casino in London to a Playboy clothing brand in China that has 2,500 brick-and-mortar stores.

Playboy has the potential to produce billions of dollars in annual revenue through sexual wellness, style and apparel, gaming/lifestyle and beauty/grooming products.

PLBY Group

I remember the day I found my fathers stash of playboys, what a magical day that was!!

In my late teens early twenties I had a subscription, I think I still have them around somewhere.

Not long ago I was a website builder, still kind of am, but not so much anymore. I built mostly adult sites and used affiliate marketing on them. Yes, Playboy was one of them.

The fact that it hasn't been on the market long, share price is low and how recognizable the brand is why I bought in.

was a long 3 days

GL everyone today! hope your DD pays off 🤞
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DSP - thoughts and opinions

found some dead ends digging into this but it has some names behind it.
its been on the market a few days now, bought 1 share just to see where it goes thru the next few months or better.

hello from enc

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